Do you love art on your Phone as much as I do?

You can use wallpaper for your phone screen to see your favorite artwork every time

you use your phone.


It's like a little exhibition only for yourself!


If you like my art and want to use

these two wallpapers for your phone screen, you can subscribe to my email list.


You'll get a link to these

two wallpapers for free per email as a thank you

for your interest in my art.


Where should I send the link?

Here you can enter your email adress.


Yes, I want to have your art wallpaper for my phone screen and I'm also very curious to get some news about you and wour artwork in future. 

I can unsubscribe at any time from your email list.

You'll receive an email with a registration link. Please click the link in this email to confirm your subscription. After that you'll get another email with a link to my download area. Please check also your SPAM folder, because sometimes the mails get lost there.


Andrea Friederichs-du Maire



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