Things to know about me

Curious? Here are 53 facts

  1. I live in Hamburg, was born in Wuppertal and came through Hanover to Hamburg.

  2. I have three children and am married .
  3. I am a pedagogue and come from advising.

  4. I’m photographing deliberately since 2014.
  5. I’ve learned all my photographic and photoshop-technical skills autodidactic (before taking further training in Photo-Design).
  6. I’ve been making a lot of music in the past, I first played the flute, then the violin.
  7. I have been a passionate dancer in the past: East European folk dances, Hungarian partner dance, Tango and Charleston. I still like to dance, but I have very few time 
for it.
  8. I love reading and bookshelves that cover whole walls.
  9. I can deepen myself into topics if they interest me.
  10. On the other hand, if a book doesn’t manage to catch me, I’ll read the ending and put 
it away. 

  11. I took advanced courses in art and biology in school. I’m still taking big interest in 

  12. I’m a “Learning by doing” person. 

  13. I love colors, especially red, blue, teal and dark green. 

  14. I love movies (my favorites: I’m not good in ranking but my son loves rankings, so if 
he asks me, I start with “Lord of the Rings”, “Inception”, “Hero”, “Batman” or 
“Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring”... there are many more). 

  15. (Unfortunately) I really like driving with my car. 

  16. I don’t like sports. 

  17. I love being at the water, especially at sea. 

  18. I don’t love being on the water (much to the regret of my husband, who’s a sailor). 

  19. I have been doing photo shoots with my eldest daughter for years and learned many 
things I can use now. 

  20. I’ve had a Foto-Blog for years. You can still browse here through it. 

  21. 2017 I took part in an exhibition in Russia (that opportunity opened up for me 
through blogging and it makes me very sad, that the situation is now more than 
difficult and that, maybe, I will never be able to see the people I met there again). 

  22. I like traveling a lot and am doing it way too rarely (in my opinion). 

  23. I have been working with a method to increase mental serenity. Through that I 
learned to look at others and myself without assessing everything. The method is 
called “Introvision”. 

  24. I love to take pictures of people. 

  25. I love to work with costumes and strange things, when photographing. 

  26. In my past I didn’t like to be photographed because I usually didn’t like myself in the 

  27. I love my red hat. 

  28. Sometimes I am very brave when it comes to less obvious things. Sometimes it’s 
more difficult for me when things seem easy. 

  29. For years I have been wanting to open a “Salon”, where people can gather to listen to 
stories and get to know new topics and points of vie.
  30. I like listening and I’m mostly doing it. 

  31. I’m very fond of the 1920’s .

  32. Since my adolescence, I’m repeatedly confronted with the topic of the “Third Reich” 

  33. I love Coffee. Although by now, I’m not able to stomach a lot of coffees that aren’t 
mine. Sadly. I’m a big fan of sitting in a café (and drinking coffee) and now I have to 
switch to tea quite often. 

  34. I got my first invitations for art fairs per Instagram.
  35. I can be really absentminded when thinking about a new picture. Ask my kids... 

  36. I’m not a very good cook, but I’m a rather good baker.
  37. One of my favorite smells is the one of melted chocolate. I rarely eat it. 

  38. I have been a private goldsmith for 13 years, since that I’m rarely buying jewelry 

  39. I sometimes have to cry, it doesn’t take much to make me feel touched. 

  40. In former times I watched every Brad Pitt movie (nearly just because of him). 

  41. One of my favorite movie scenes ever is the one in “Pirates of the Carribean”, where 
Captain Jack Sparrow leaves his sinking ship just in time to get from his mast just in 
time to reach the landing stage. 

  42. I can wiggle my nose. 

  43. Once, when I was a juvenile, my glasses broke when skiing (I’m extremely 
shortsighted, I’ve been needing glasses since first grade) and I had to ski the whole ski-run without them. It was the best ski-ride of my life. Else I was always the one to fall off the lift or tumbling ten times before reaching the end of the run. But this round was perfect (everything but my sight). 

  44. I have been wanting to be a goldsmith, a dancing teacher, an art-pedagogue. And I ended up being an occupational therapist, education researcher and now I’m a photo- artist (and a hobby-goldsmith). 

  45. I’m not good with plants. 

  46. Nearly no one is able to read my handwriting. 

  47. 2019 me and my family spent our holidays on a Swedish skerry without any stores 
etc.. It is the vacation I think back to most often. 

  48. I’ve got a tinnitus for as long as I can think of. 

  49. I’m very easily thrown into a bad mood when the weather is gray and dark. 

  50. My favorite spices are cumin, cilantro and cinnamon. 

  51. I’m prescibing myself information-breaks regularly, I won’t be reading, watching or 
listening to the news then, to find a way to handle everything that’s going on in the world.
  52. I love the evening light over the landscape or in the forest.
  53. I love living in the town. In German we say: I'm a 'Stadtpflanze'.



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